Frequently asked questions

How will I receive my Bool?

Your Bool will be delivered to the address you entered when you placed your order ("delivery address").  The delivery is carried out by the Belgian transport company, DPD, and its country partners outside of Belgium.

How long will the delivery take?

In Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany and metropolitan France (not including the islands), the majority of Bools are delivered in five to seven working days. Outside of these countries, delivery can take a bit longer. The dispatch and delivery dates given at the time of the order are estimates: we put everything in place to ensure your Bool is delivered as quickly as possible.

What are the delivery charges?

For Belgium delivery is completely free (this does not include the islands where billing is at cost price).

For the other countries, the transportation is billed at cost price.  Please consult the table showing delivery charges per region.

CountryPriceAdditional charge
CountryPriceAdditional charge
Belgium 0 € Portugal 20 € Island: 45 €
Netherlands 11 € Island: 10 € Sweden 15 € Island: 40 €
Luxembourg 5 € Bosnia Herzegovina 15 €
Austria 11 € Bulgary 15 €
Switzerland 31 € Island: 31 € Czech Republic
15 €
Germany 11 € Estonia 15 € Island: 55 €
Denmark 11 € Island: 25 € Croatia 15 € Island: 35 €
Spain 15 € Island: 30 € Hungary 15 €
Finland 15 € Island: 60 € Lithuania 15 €
France 11 € Island: 30 € Latvia 15 €
United Kingdom
11 € Island: 25 € Poland 15 €
Greece 30 € Island: 20 € Romania 15 €
Ireland 30 € Slovenia 15 €
Iceland 40 € Slovakia 15 €
Italy 25 € Island: 30 € Serbia 15 €
Norway 15 € Island: 45 €

Can I have my Bool delivered to an address other than my own?

You can have The Bool delivered to any address so long as there is somebody there to collect it.  When you are placing your order, indicate your chosen address in the "delivery address" section.

How can I follow the status of an active order?

You will be informed of every step by email from the preparation to the delivery of your Bool: receipt of your order, dispatch and delivery.

What happens if I am absent at the time of the delivery?

The delivery person will leave you a notification slip. It will contain the steps to take to have the item delivered to you at a more suitable time. Please note that after two unsuccessful attempts at delivery, the item will be returned to sender. You will then have to cover the new delivery charge.

How do I change the delivery address if I have already placed an order?

Contact by email no later than 48 hours after you have placed your order:

What countries can I deliver the Bool to?

The Bool can be delivered everywhere. Delivery to Belgium is completely free. Delivery to the other countries and the islands is billed at cost price.